"Dr. Greenwood has been a blessing. He has helped me tremendously with my bad disc problem in my low back. I have seen several chiropractors, but none like him. I wish he lived next door to me, but an hour drive is well worth it in my opinion! He is fantastic!" -- Maggie Bassett

"Dr. Greenwood has been treating my husband due to a fall and I have seen great improvement. Today, I was treated for a fall, also. I left his office pain free! Dr. G is very thorough and explains each step as he goes. I have been to other chiropractors. This man is gifted! -- Julie Land

"I was always scared of going--not anymore! Walked out of there this evening feeling awesome and refreshed!!! Highly recommend making your appointment now. Looking forward to my next appointment! Thanks for making me feel so much better!" -- Heather Landry

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hunter Greenwood for about 4 years now. Any pain is always remedied after his adjustments. He's honest and upfront. He usually is able to tell me what my back and joint problems are by just looking at my posture, however he does perform a thorough exam too. His treatments have helped considerably with my migraines. The spinal decompression is so effective and relaxing on my lower back. I love the fact that he is also a Naturopathic doctor and can give me natural options instead of drugs. His treatment fees are very reasonable. It is so nice that I never have to wait long to be treated. His experience and knowledge has helped both my husband and I." -- Connie Meister

"I had gotten to where I couldn't turn my head very well. After a few sessions with Dr. Greenwood, my neck felt better and my head turns like it should!! They are friendly and fast. I can go in before work. I would highly recommend him to anyone!" -- Debbie Shipers

"Dr. Greenwood is the best chiropractor we've ever been with. We come in hurting and leave feeling really good. He's highly recommended." -- Fred and Hazel Edson

"After extensive back surgery for scoliosis, Dr. Greenwood has been able to relieve my chronic neck and low back pain caused by spinal fusion. This has given me the ability to golf pain free! He is the best!" -- Rhonda Topp

"I have been seeing chiropractors for over 30 years. Dr. Greenwood is the 5th one I have seen, and by far the best I have had. After 2nd knee replacement in 2011, I suffered a severe pinched nerve while rehabbing. After numerous neurological medical treatments could not cure the problem, Dr. Greenwood was able to relieve the pain through spinal de-compression and adjustments.Through routine maintenance, Dr. Greenwood has enabled me to play golf pain free." -- Steven Topp

Dr. Greenwood has helped my hips with more range of motion, my back has improved, which has improved my quality of life. Dr. Greenwood has helped me with exercises to improve my condition right in the office. --Karen Adkins

A wonderful experience!!! Dr. Greenwood and his staff are great folks and wonderful to work with. They truly care about their patients. I feel better and have more energy than I have for a long, long time. Thank you so very much!!! --Kim F

I have had severe neck and head pain to the point of being unbearable. I was not able to sleep but about five hours per night. Symptoms got increasingly worse. After trying other chiropractors, I came to Dr. Greenwood in Nixa for his examination. After a few sessions and a short term of time to build a relationship, he noticed something was not clear with m comprehension ability. Through Dr. Greenwood's professionalism and sensitivity, I believe he was given an insight of my problem. His suggestion was to not further any treatment until I got an MRI of the brain. So I did just that. The scan came back that I had a tumor pressing down on the right front side of my brain. The results were sent to Dr. Greenwood. He took the effort to personally meet with my wife and I after business hours. He carefully explained the results to the best of his knowledge. He then urged us to follow up with my primary doctor for admission. March 18, 2014, I was in the hospital. On the 20th I went to surgery. Saturday the 22nd I came home. After a great deal of prayer by several churches and individuals, I was going to be OK. The tumor was not compromising in any way. The surgeon was amazed at my awareness. No therapy was needed. Life is good! Never take your health for granted, and always give thanks to your creator. My life could have been very different. --Gary