Spinalator Intersegmental Traction


Many Patients love the getle massaging actions of our spinalator intersegmental traction table, sometimes referred to as as roller table.

The rolling action can stretch the spinal joints and improve movement. The patient lies face up on the table while the rollers beneath the surface gently move up and down

Some of the benefits realized from Spinalator treatments include:

  • Improved mobility

  • Improved metabolism

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Reduced arthritis

  • Reduced stress

  • Relief of muscle contractions and tense ligaments

  • Strengthening of ligaments

  • Stimulation of specific nerve centers

Most patients find the massage action relaxing and enjoyable!

Experience the benefits of Intersegmental Traction today in our Nixa MO office.

At Chiropractor Plus in Nixa, we offer the intersegmental Traction sessions to patients for only $10.00 before or after adjustments. Dr. Hunter Greenwood DC ND, a seasoned Nixa MO chiropractor, wants his patients to experience the benefits that intersegmental traction offers.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Intersegmental Traction treatment, call us today at 417-725-6655.

Isn't it time YOU felt good again?

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