Colds, Flus & Allergies Treatments

We recommend a number of hydrotherapy treatments for colds, flu, and allergic responses. These are protocols that you can use at home.  Please seek a doctor's advice for contraindications.

Wet Sock Treatment

Read all the way through these instructions before beginning your treatment.  

Your will need to gather the following items:

1.  A pair of white cotton socks that reach higher than your ankle.

2.  A pair of wool socks that will go higher than the cotton socks

3.  A dry towel

4.  A bucket or other container.

Wet the cotton socks thoroughly in cold water and wring them out well.  Put the socks in the freezer.

Fill the bucket or tub with hot water (not so hot that it would burn you).

When you put your feet into it, the water will need to reach as high on your leg as the cotton socks.

Soak your feet for at least 5 minutes.  Pull both feet out, immediately dry off, and pull on the cotton socks first, then pull the wool socks on over them.

Immediately get into bed, cover up, and go to sleep.  When you awaken, your socks will be dry.