Pulstar Computerized Instrument System

​PulStar Computerized Instrument System

Although some chiropractors utilize an activator for instrument adjusting, Dr. Hunter Greenwood prefers the PulStar Computerized System. The PulStar allows for multiple precise, gentle instrument manipulations, making it an excellent choice for patients who prefer a gentle, non-manual, effective solution for their pain.

Dr. Greenwood adapts the weight and amplitude of multiple gentle force impulses to help move and release the spinal subluxation complex and, relieve pain, removing restrictions and restoring health.

Dr. Greenwood guides the Pulstar instrument, with a two-pronged head, along your spine. The instrument sends out gentle pulses, and the sensor evaluates resistance and sends that information to the computer. When spinal segmental motion is restored, the impulses automatically stop.

When vertebra are moving properly and tissue is normal, resistance is fairly constant. But when there are restrictions in motion or inflammation, resistance is higher.

Dr. Greenwood utilizes this information and applies the instrument to deliver gentle, specific computer controlled impulses to the injured areas. As these impulses are delivered, Dr. Greenwood and the system analyze the changes to deliver the maximum benefit to the patient.

The instrument delivers a small, measured amount of pressure in each impulse. Many patients find the treatment to be calming. Your spine won’t be twisted, cracked, popped, or snapped. Although no direct manual manipulations are performed, the spinal vertebra are moved a little bit at a time with each impulse and relief is often instant!

The Pulstar treatments also help stimulate your lymphatic system, which assists the body in removing toxins and waste materials that can cause congestion or tissue damage.

Chiropractor Plus is the only clinic within 200 miles of Nixa that offers the Pulstar System.

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