Herniated Disc Disc Bulges

Your spinal column is made up of bones known as vertebrae that are cushioned from one another by discs. These soft, gelatinous discs protect the bones by absorbing the shock from everyday physical activities, like walking, bending, twisting, and lifting. Injury or weakness may cause the gelatinous inner substance to protrude out of the disc, pushing on the nerve and causing pain and numbness.

Putting Things Back in Place

Chiropractic Adjustments or naturopathic stretching can help to reposition the spinal bones. Spinal Decompression Therapy then helps to create a vacuum, pulling the disc back into place, allowing renewed blood flow to the area and strengthening the ligaments so that they can hold the bones in their proper position again.

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We offer low cost Spinal Decompression Plans to make this therapy more affordable for our patients.

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