Tips for Avoiding Back and Neck Pain While Working From Home

While working from home you are probably spending a lot of time on your computer and on your phone.  Use these tips to keep your spine aligned and avoid neck and back pain.

#1:  Head & Neck
Make sure to put your computer monitor at eye level.  If your monitor does not adjust to the proper height, you may need to use a box or books to elevate it. 

Hold your cell phone at eye level to read and answer texts, or use an app that puts the messages on your computer and allows you to respond by typing on your keyboard.

Avoid tucking your phone between your ear and your shoulder may cause neck and shoulder problems. Use a Bluetooth earpiece or put your call on speaker phone when you need to talk hands free.

#2:  Arms 
Keep arms with elbows bent at about a 90 degree angle while typing and working with your mouse.  Keep wrists parallel to the floor.  Typing at a higher level can cause strain on your shoulders and midback. If you are using a laptop, you may want to connect an external mouse or keyboard.

#3:  Back 
Sitting puts pressure on your back.  To minimize that pressure, make sure your feet touch the floor with your knees at about a 90 degree angle, or slightly extended.  

If your chair does not have a lumbar support you can use a lumbar pillow to keep your spine’s natural “S” curve, which naturally distributes your weight properly.  Investing in a quality chair and/or pillow is important if you are going to be spending hours sitting for work. 

No matter what chair you use, stand up about every 20 minutes and try to get up and walk around (even just around the chair) every hour.

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