How Do Spinal Manipulations Reduce Pain?

Reduce Back Pain with Spinal Manipulation 

Many patients come into to the office complaining of back pain due to poor biomechanical function, trauma or a specific condition. Dr. Greenwood, your chiropractor near Nixa, MO, uses specialized spinal manipulation techniques to decrease pain naturally and speed healing. Chiropractic spinal manipulation safely and gently rebalances the spinal column and improves spinal health and function. Learn how chiropractic spinal manipulation may reduce your back pain today.

What is a Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation?

After a thorough assessment and review of a patient’s history, Dr. Hunter Greenwood DC ND, a chiropractor in Nixa determines where to make one or more subtle and gentle spinal adjustments to bring the vertebrae of the spinal column back into alignment. These manipulations are often done manually, but a chiropractor may use a drop table or other highly specialized tools to facilitate the process.

What is the Result of Spinal Manipulation?

Patients often experience a reduction in pain and improved range of motion with regular use of chiropractic spinal manipulation. One or more misaligned vertebrae or other spinal health conditions can place excessive pressure on sensitive nerves, causing pain in the area and in other parts of the body. Back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, numbness or tingling down arms and fingers can all be due to a misaligned spinal column and impinged nerves. One or a series of sessions may be necessary to address the root cause of a patient’s back pain.

What Therapies May Reduce Your Back Pain?

Dr. Hunter Greenwood DC ND offers a range of chiropractic therapies at Chiropractor Plus. Patients receive an individualized treatment program that may include therapies including:

  • Spinal manipulation;

  • Naturopathic Muscle Stretching;

  • Range of Motion Therapy;

  • Spinal Decompression;

  • G5 Muscle Massage

  • Runnersage Foot Massage for Plantar Fascitis or Foot Pain

  • Joint Manipulation; and

  • Interferential Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

Your chiropractor will determine the most suitable treatment for a condition resulting in back pain and create a program based upon patient needs and preferences. Chiropractic addresses the source of back pain and often decreases the need for pain medications.

Spinal Manipulation from Our Chiropractor in Nixa

Nixa residents trust their spinal health to the expertise of the Dr. Hunter Greenwood DC ND and the team at Chiropractor Plus. Contact Chiropractor Plus at 417-725-6655 for a chiropractic consultation and feel better today. 

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