Back Pain Safety Tips

Back Pain Safety Tips from Our Chiropractor in Nixa
If you're constantly worried about whether "this motion or that activity" will cause your back to flare up, you may think, "I need a chiropractor near me who can advise me on back pain prevention." Well, your wish is our command. Here are some safety tips from our chiropractor in Nixa, Dr. Hunter Greenwood DC ND to help you avoid back pain.

  • Use good sense with backpacks - Your spine is optimized to carry your own body weight, not a lot of excess baggage. Take special care to show your kids how to load heavy items toward the bottom-center of their backpacks. A loaded backpack should not exceed 15 percent of a young wearer's body weight.

  • Lose weight - Taking the excess weight off your back may mean taking excess weight off, period. If you're overweight or obese, a medically-supervised weight loss plan could do your back a big favor.

  • Stay strong and flexible - Exercises that build and limber up both your back muscles and your lower-abdominal muscles can lend your back welcome support and endurance.

  • Check your posture - Make sure you stand and sit with an upright posture and even weight distribution. Long periods of standing will cause less back pain if you place one foot on a box or other small object, switching to the other foot from time to time.

  • Lift with the legs - Lifting anything heavy from a bent-over position can subject your back to acute injuries such as herniated discs and torn muscles. Instead, bend your legs, using their strength to lift the object while keeping your spine straight.

  • Get your alignment looked at - Even a small spinal misalignment can causes abnormal stresses, eventually making your back more vulnerable to injuries or chronic degenerative conditions. Our chiropractor near Nixa can identify and correct these issues in a routine exam.

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