8 Ways to Avoid Hurting Your Back When Doing Yard Work

With summer days come yard work, including mowing and weeding.  Here are eight tips to help you get your work done without harming your back.

  1. Don’t push a self-propelled mower; just direct it and let it do the work. Stand up straight, not hunched over, and when you need to turn, pivot the rear wheels so that the weight of the lawn mower is on the rear wheels not on your back.

  2. When pulling the lawnmower coil rope to start the mower, pull with your arms, not your back.

  3. With a riding mower or a zero turn mower, sit up straight, using good posture as you ride. Some zero turns can go quite fast, but you should go slow enough that the bumps are not hard on your back. Your low back can get quite a beating on an uneven lawn.

  4. If you have a large area to mow, split mowing into two sessions to give your back a rest in between.

  5. Avoid lifting a push mower or riding mover to work on it.  Use jacks or lifts instead.

  6. Use a shoulder support strap when weed whacking.  Don’t twist, let your arms do the moving.

  7. When shoveling, bend at the knees to avoid putting pressure on your back.  Avoid twisting if possible.

  8. Loosen the roots of weeds by watering them before pulling so they won’t need as much force to remove them.   Kneel on a pad instead of bending over to pull them out. 

If you have back pain from mowing and lawn work, chiropractic care can help!
When your vertebrae move out of alignment they compress the nerves that exit between them, cause pain. Chiropractic care returns the vertebrae to their proper position, relieving the pressure on the nerve and eliminating the pain.

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